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Air Conditioning Service

At Victor Plaza Automotive Services, Air Conditioning Services are one of our many specialties. Air Conditioning services are always done to the vehicle manufacturers specifics and requirements. Every Air Conditioning Service has a special labor charge of $59.95. The $59.95 is the evacuation and recharge of the air conditioning system. The Air conditioning Freon is $24.95 per pound plus $11.95 for an ounce of Air Conditioning Compressor oil and Fluorescent leak detection dye.

Once the Air Conditioning Service is completed the customer pays for the Air Conditioning service and if the vehicles Air Conditioning stops working (after some time passes), customers are instructed to return to Victor Plaza Automotive, in order to allow the Technicians at Victor Plaza Automotive to determine if the Air Conditioning System has a possible leak-found by the ultra violet light or there is another issue in the Air Conditioning System.

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