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Your chassis and suspension form the foundation of your vehicle. While the chassis is the base framework of your vehicle, your suspension system allows it to navigate uneven terrain. Without these two systems, your car would not be capable of driving.

If your chassis requires a professional inspection, you might notice some of the following signs:

• Your vehicle drifts to either side when you drive it.
• There are noises coming from the base of your car.
• Your tire tread has notable wear (usually on one side only).

On the other hand, the indicators below may point to an issue with your suspension:

• Your car doesn’t handle bumps well.
• Your car drifts to either side of the road.
• Your car sinks or leans in one direction.
• You don’t have good control over your steering wheel.

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Victorville Chassis & Suspension Repair Shop

If your chassis or suspension problem is repairable, our team is here to help you get your car back on the road. We’ll inspect your vehicle and develop a repair strategy that saves you time and money!

Victorville Chassis & Suspension Replacement Shop

If your chassis or suspension is beyond repair, we can also replace parts in your car to get it back on the road. We have access to affordable and reliable auto parts from the top suppliers in the country.

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