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Control arms are one of the suspension components that join your vehicle’s wheels to your car’s main frame. Without well-functioning control arms, driving your vehicle can be uncomfortable and dangerous. So, what are the signs that your control arms require the attention of a mechanic?

• You hear a large clanking noise when your car hits bumps
• Your steering wheel is consistently vibrating when you’re in motion
• There is uneven tire tread wear on your car’s tires

Keep in mind that the above indicators can also point to other auto issues, so it’s essential to receive an inspection from a licensed mechanic.

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Victorville Control Arm Repair Shop

We begin all our control arm repair jobs by inspecting your vehicle’s suspension system. We always double-check to ensure that your control arms are at fault for any of the auto issues you’re facing. If we identify a problem in your control arms, our experienced mechanics will repair the issue to ensure you can drive safely again.

As a full-service mechanic, we can also repair other parts of your suspension system if we determine they’re the root cause of your auto issues.

Victorville Control Arm Replacement Shop

If your suspension system requires new control arms, we also provide control arm replacement options to Victorville drivers. We can quickly remove and install control arms, so you won’t need to wait long to get your car back on the road!

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