CV Joints Victorville

CV joints provide frictionless power transfer between your driveshaft and wheels. Unfortunately, as CV joints are constantly in operation when you’re driving, they can wear down after you place tens of thousands of miles on your car’s odometer.

Are you wondering if your CV joints are broken? Take a look at the indicators below:
• When you accelerate your car, there is an audible clicking noise.
• When you slow down your car, there is an audible clicking noise.
• When you turn your car, there is an audible clicking noise.

Our team at Victor Plaza Automotive can inspect, repair, and replace CV joints for our clients in Victorville. Call us at (760) 245-7381 if you’d like a free estimate for CV joint repair or replacement!

Victorville CV Joint Repair Shop

We always start a repair job by inspecting your car with the industry’s best diagnostic equipment. If CV joints are at fault for your auto problems, our mechanics will develop a custom repair strategy that will save you time, money, and hassle. Call us today if you need a CV joint inspection.

Victorville CV Joint Replacement Shop

If you’ve put more than 60,000 miles on your car, there’s a good chance your CV joints will require a full replacement. We can source CV joints and quickly install them in your car. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times and affordable services.

Please call our team at Victor Plaza Automotive if you have any questions about replacing your CV joints in Victorville.

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If you’d like a no-obligation estimate for replacing or repairing CV joints in Victorville, pick up the phone and dial (760) 245-7381. We make it easy to access expert car repair services and quotes – and we offer the best prices in Victorville!

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