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Your starter’s only responsibility is to supply the power that your engine requires to start. If your starter stops working, you won’t be able to drive your car. At Victor Plaza Automotive, we have more than three decades of starter repair and replacement experience.

When it comes to starters, we’ve seen it all. Let’s explore some common signs that you need to bring your car to our Victorville auto shop for a starter inspection:

• Your vehicle’s engine won’t start.
• There’s a clicking sound when you turn your key to start your engine.
• Your headlights turn on, but your engine won’t engage.

There’s no need to delay speaking to our team at Victor Plaza Automotive – we’re more than happy to offer no-cost estimates over the phone. Call (760) 245-7381 today!

Victorville Starter Repair Shop

In most cases, a broken starter will require a full replacement. This being said, there are some minor starter issues that we can fix without replacing the entire part. We’ll assess your starter and determine the most cost-effective remedy for the problem.

We’re committed to offering affordable and transparent starter repair services to our Victorville clients. That’s while you’ll never find any hidden fees or charges on our auto repair bills.

Victorville Starter Replacement Shop

Due to the small size and cost of starters, most starter issues will require a replacement. We offer affordable and timely starter replacement solutions that will quickly restore the drivability of your car. If you’re ready to install a new starter in your car, call Victor Plaza Automotive.

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Had my car transmission diagnosed and repaired here instead of the dealership. Jesse saved me an arm and a leg and the quality of the work was superb.
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Guy Gerber